ST3 - Remove Sublime Merge from Sidebar

Sublime Text 3 is my casual editor of choice.

They recently started pushing SublimeMerge which is a GUI Git Client. I’m a fan of Fork so I’m not really keen on the cluttering the context menu with things I won’t use.

I figured out how to remove them and hope the instructions may help others.

1) Install PackageResourceViewer package

2) Type a sublime prompt command (Cmd/Ctrl + P):

PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource

3) Choose Default -> Side Bar.sublime-menu

4) You can now edit the context menu and trim the unneeded options. For example:

    { "caption": "New File", "command": "new_file_at", "args": {"dirs": []} },
    { "caption": "Rename…", "command": "rename_path", "args": {"paths": []} },
    { "caption": "Delete File", "command": "delete_file", "args": {"files": []} },
    { "caption": "Open Containing Folder…", "command": "open_containing_folder", "args": {"files": []} },
    { "caption": "Reveal Link Source", "command": "reveal_link_source", "args": {"dirs": []} },
    { "caption": "-", "id": "repo_commands" },
    { "caption": "New Folder…", "command": "new_folder", "args": {"dirs": []} },
    { "caption": "Delete Folder", "command": "delete_folder", "args": {"dirs": []} },
    { "caption": "Find in Folder…", "command": "find_in_folder", "args": {"dirs": []} },
    { "caption": "-", "id": "end" }

Happy hacking!


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