What’s making me happy 08-07-2017

It’s been a while since I wrote one of those - need to keep on track.

USA trip turned out to be a success - got a ton of work done, did quite a bit of progress on my projects, met with dear friends. Nevertheless, I’m very-very happy to return back to Sydney. Missed it (and more importantly Cassie) a whole lot.

Continuing trying to figure out my allergies. Waiting for the blood panel results, new medication seems to be working a bit better *knocks on wood*. Even though there’s no substantial progress in figuring out what it is, it’s still feels good to not be standing still.

Got quite a chuckle out of Louis Rossman’s review of the Surface Laptop construction: “You have to heat gun the laptop… If they included graphics chips in there - it’s now a two-for-one repair!”

Cap your ticket backlog is an interesting article on keeping the list of work items short and some ideas how to address it. It is refreshing to see a different perspective on backlogs rather than “close it all and if it’s important - they’ll return”.

Started playing Zelda: A Link between worlds - which is a twist on “A Link to the past”, with incredibly refreshing 2D->3D gameplay mechanics. Can highly recommend to other 3DS owners.

Persona 5 did not dissapoint - fantastic artwork and visuals, great music and entertaining gameplay. My only nitpick is localization - it’s good, but not great.


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